Unexpected Knowledge

“How had things come to this?” Emily wondered. When she first met Duncan, she thought that he was the most attractive and personable gentleman she’d ever met. Of course, she had not met many single gentlemen during the course of her sheltered life. At first, he had seemed so charming and attentive, but she obviously never got to know the real Lord Duncan Gascoigne. Perhaps if she had spent more time with him, she would have seen through the false image that he had presented. On the other hand, she was so naive and inexperienced that she would probably still have been fooled by him!

Emily, together with her best friends Charlotte, Lydia and Elinor, had led very sheltered lives.  Their families’ estates in the North of England were all reasonably close, enabling the girls to meet with each other on a fairly regular basis. Whenever they did meet, the young girls’ heads were always full of fanciful notions about the type of young men they would marry. They were, obviously, all going to meet a handsome young man who would sweep them off their feet. Of course, their future husbands would be very personable; of aristocratic birth; kind and patient; not to mention quite wealthy.

The girls also had very definite ideas about the way they would run their grand houses. Their husbands, naturally, would not interfere with the running of the household as they would be far too preoccupied with the running of their estates. One or two of them might even be involved in politics, as well as managing their estates. The girls would have plenty of money and be able to afford the latest fashion in clothes, as well as furniture and furnishings, and employ many servants!

Their much advantaged lifestyles protected them from reality. It never occurred to any of them that their wishes for the future might be just girlish nonsense. They were all so innocent and full of romantic ideals. They lived their privileged lives, protected from the harsh realities of life, but unfortunately that would not always be the case.

Emily well remembered the first time that she met Duncan. It was just at the start of the London Social Season and her head was, as usual, full of girlish romantic imaginings. She had met him at her very first ball and was totally captivated by him. Everything in her life at that time was being centred on meeting the right eligible bachelor, and Emily really believed that she had already found him!

Her life had seemed so exciting, then. It was June 1846; she was 17 years of age and on the brink of becoming a woman! She couldn’t wait to be presented to the Queen. Her godmother had sponsored her and, when the Royal summons arrived from the Lord Chamberlain to attend the Presentation, she could hardly contain herself. She needed to practise her curtsy, of course. How dreadful it would be if she fell over, and what about walking backwards? She would need to practise that too. In anticipation of being accepted, her dressmaker had started to make her outfit, which was the traditional white evening dress with short sleeves; a veil attached to her hair with a small tiara; and a train which she had to remember to hold in her arm until ready to be presented. Her mother had promised to lend her the pearls to wear (“all Debutantes wear pearls’ according to her mother), but she had to remember that she would still require a pair of white gloves.

The London Social Season was dominated by landowning aristocratic families who generally regarded their country house as their main home, but spent several months of the year in London to socialise. Emily’s three closest friends in the whole world were to be presented to Queen Victoria at the same time as herself and they were all giddy with anticipation at the start of the London Season. They were all normally at their main homes in the country and didn’t get chance to see each other as often as they would wish, but finally they were all together in London.

Emily, Charlotte, Lydia and Elinor were uncontrollable with excitement. Their mothers were beside themselves with pride and uncertainty; delighted that their daughters were moving to adulthood, but unsure how to control their over-excitement. They were all staying at Emily’s father’s town mansion in London for the Season and on the Saturday were to attend the first of many grand balls. Even the friends’ mothers were more than a little eager to get the Season underway; after all, their daughters had now reached the age of maturity and were ready to be introduced to eligible bachelors with a view to marriage. This was a milestone in the girls’ lives. They were about to make the transition from nubile and virginal young girls into respectable and responsible young women.

The four girls’ mothers spent the Friday before the ball at Lady Faversham’s house. They had been invited for lunch by the kindly widow and, to be quite honest, had jumped at the chance to be free of their excitable daughters for the day and to spend some time with their old friend. At the same time, the four girls were delighted to be free of their mothers for the day. They had been instructed to spend the afternoon resting in their makeshift bedroom in order to ensure that they were all well rested and looking beautiful for Saturday night. Their makeshift bedroom was a grand affair. Two double beds had been moved into one of the guest rooms, which was huge, and the girls felt like princesses. Emily and Charlotte shared one bed, whilst Lydia and Elinor shared the other. They had all slept very well on the Thursday night and had awakened on the Friday morning feeling very refreshed and full of anticipation for Saturday night.

After a stroll to get some fresh air to bring a little colour to their cheeks, all four went back to the house for lunch and then, as previously instructed by their mothers, went upstairs to spend the afternoon in the bedroom relaxing. As they lay on their beds resting, their thoughts and conversation turned to girlish speculation about their future. They all agreed that they felt quite differently about themselves, now that it was formally acknowledged that they were evolving from girls into women, but were unsure what that actually entailed. They were all pretty sure that, with the benefit of their mothers’ past guidance, they would be more than able to run a household, but were unsure what would be expected of them by their husbands. In particular, they were all rather fearful of their wedding night!

Lydia had a married sister with a young family, so Emily, Charlotte and Elinor wanted to know if Lydia had gleaned anything at all about what went on between husband and wife. All the girls were terribly innocent, none of them had ever been alone with a gentleman and their curiosity was insatiable. There was something rather daring about sitting on their beds, discussing matters which no young lady should be even thinking about! There was a conspiratorial feeling in the bedroom and each girl knew that she shouldn’t be contemplating these thoughts, but they all knew that they wanted every little bit of information that Lydia could impart. There was a giddy expectancy in the air that was almost tangible and they were all conscious that they were ready to embrace womanhood.

They all felt a little guilty about pressing Lydia for more information. She had looked uncomfortable and embarrassed, but this did not deter the girls. Her embarrassment only made them more determined. They knew that if they kept pressing Lydia, she would give in. Lydia was quite easy to intimidate. She had always been the quiet one. True to form, Lydia divulged that her sister had admitted that being touched intimately by her husband in the marital bed had been one of the most difficult and embarrassing moments. The girls fell silent, thinking about this revelation. They had always imagined that they would be wearing night attire to cover their modesty, so how could they be touched intimately? It had never occurred to any of them that their husbands would have access to their bodies. None of the girls had ever experienced their bodies being touched by anyone. Did this mean that their husbands would actually see their bodies? They were all in a state of shock! You could have heard a pin drop in the room.

After a few minutes, the silence was broken by Charlotte starting to remove her clothes above the waist, exposing her long swanlike neck and milky white throat. She began to undo the laces down the front of her corsets, declaring that she wasn’t going to wait until her wedding night to experience the shock of being looked upon. Charlotte was always the most outrageous of the girls, so it came as no surprise that she would take the lead in preparing them for this new experience. The other three gasped in disbelief as they watched Charlotte slowly peel back her corsets, exposing her small, but beautiful, pert breasts. No one spoke. The silence was almost tangible. There was a defiant look in Charlotte’s eyes and her cheeks had become very pink with excitement. Nobody moved. They were all gripped by the magnitude of the moment. They all stared at Charlotte’s breasts and felt a kind of guilty enjoyment.

Where Charlotte led, the others followed so, as if to share the moment, and prove that they too were ready for matrimony, Emily and Elinor also removed the top half of their clothes and hesitatingly peeled back their corsets. The three of them were all now sitting on one double bed, breasts willingly and eagerly exposed and trembling with anticipation. After some persuasion, Lydia then reluctantly also slipped her clothes down to her waist. She was the shyest of the girls and never seemed to fit in, but was desperate not to appear the odd one out. She felt distinctly awkward and uncomfortable as the other girls stared at her womanly shape, giggling nervously. Her breasts were full and large, much bigger than any of the other girls, with large, dark pink nipples, and the way the others continued to unashamedly stare at her began to make her blush. In order to shift the attention from her voluptuous figure, she then imparted that the next thing a husband wanted, according to her sister, was to fondle his wife’s breasts!

Everyone seemed totally stunned. No-one knew what to do next. Each of them was grateful to be sharing this experience with their close friends, and no one wanted to disturb the stillness, but why would their husbands want to touch their breasts? They all sat bolt upright on the bed, staring at each other’s uncovered breasts with pulses racing. They were all wondering what it would feel like if someone actually reached over and fondled them, but nobody moved. It was just as if someone had cast a spell over them. They were all still taking in the revelation that their new husbands would actually want to touch their breasts. Typically, Charlotte was the first to break the silence, declaring that she was pleased that they had all been brave enough to expose themselves to each other. Now, all she wanted was for one of her friends to reach across and lay their hands on her firm and naked bosom. She wanted no unpleasant surprises on her wedding night! They all just sat there and watched in amazement as, slowly and quite deliberately, Charlotte lay back on the bed, arms above her head with total abandonment. She invited any one of them to come and caress her. She didn’t care who. She was totally ready to embrace this new chapter in her life.

Lydia was nearest. Prompted by the others, she nervously sat astride Charlotte, whilst Emily and Elinor crowded around to watch, their curiosity getting the better of them. As Lydia put her hands on Charlotte’s breasts, Charlotte gave a grateful gasp of pleasure. At Charlotte’s insistence, Lydia started to fondle her, and all three girls watched Charlotte’s face change as she began to whimper with desire. As they looked on, they all felt their excitement rising. Lydia tentatively began to massage Charlotte’s nipples with her thumbs and, as the nipples became firmer, Charlotte started to moan softly.

The eagerness with which they were all grasping this new adventure made Lydia feel embarrassed and a little guilty, so she reluctantly removed herself from astride Charlotte. As Charlotte sat up, she looked flushed and excited. None of them wanted this experience to end and were all rather irritated by Lydia’s pang of guilt. Charlotte wanted more. Her nipples felt on fire. She begged the others to join in, as she reached for Elinor and pulled her down onto the bed beside her. She began timidly stroking Elinor’s breasts, a surprisingly exhilarating feeling, whilst Lydia began doing the same to Emily. Elinor and Emily were more than willing participants and Charlotte’s excitement grew as she listened to them softly groaning with pleasure.

They were all breathing quickly, delighting in these new unfamiliar feelings. Suddenly, they realised that no one had actually caressed Lydia. Although Lydia protested, the girls insisted that she should share the experience. Her shyness and embarrassment were excruciatingly painful to see, but the girls were too overcome with excitement to pay much attention to her protestations. As Lydia frantically fought to climb off the bed, the other three laughed mockingly and held her down. She could be such a spoil sport! The more Lydia struggled to escape their clutches, the more determined the girls were that she should overcome her shyness. Emily held down her left arm, whilst Charlotte held the right. As Elinor sat astride Lydia, she wondered what it was going to be like to actually fondle the breasts of another girl.

She was delirious with anticipation as she stared down at Lydia’s voluptuous figure. All the girls’ expectations were reaching fever pitch. They were enjoying the thrill of dominating the usually haughty Lydia, as Lydia pleaded with them not to touch her. Their feelings of guilt at what they were doing were put to the back of their minds. Lydia needed to join in more. She was far too standoffish. As if to justify their actions, they told themselves that Lydia was far too shy and needed to be helped to embrace the new sensations, in readiness for the future.

Extremely gradually, so that she could savour the moment with Charlotte and Emily, Elinor teasingly slid her hands up from Lydia’s waist. Her hands moved unhurriedly yet deliberately across Lydia’s stomach, then very slowly across her midriff. She stopped just before reaching the panicking Lydia’s breasts. They were all astonished and mesmerised by Elinor’s deliberate teasing. She was unexpectedly delighting in playing with Lydia, like a cat toying with a mouse. Charlotte and Emily were urging Elinor to continue, eager to witness Lydia’s reactions, whilst Lydia continued to beg Elinor to end this unwanted attention. She was really panicking as she knew that at any second, against her will, Elinor would begin to touch her. It was not what she wanted. Why didn’t the girls realise this? Her eyes filled with tears and her cheeks went bright red with humiliation.

The more embarrassed Lydia became, the more excited the girls became. Elinor then leaned forward, agonisingly slowly, across the remonstrating Lydia, her hair tantalisingly brushing against Lydia’s large nipples. It was as if time had stood still. Charlotte and Emily maintained their firm grip on Lydia’s arms, whilst Elinor continued to straddle her, in effect, pinning her to the bed. To Lydia’s absolute alarm, her nipples were then engulfed by Elinor’s lips, and then licked and flicked by her tongue. Her full breasts were then fondled gently, but with great enthusiasm, by each sensually stimulated girl in turn. All the girls were overwhelmed by the unfamiliar pleasure they were giving and experiencing, all enjoying the guilty thrill of completely immobilising the protesting Lydia against her will. Unexpectedly, and quite surprisingly, Lydia no longer continued to protest; her shyness seemed suddenly forgotten as she became overwhelmed by the new sensations that were overtaking her. Lydia stopped her girlish protestations, as she began to give in to these new and wonderful feeling. She began panting and her young body was aching for more.

She remembered her sister’s words about what happens in the marital bed and shamelessly began to implore the girls to remove the rest of her undergarments so that she could explore the new knowledge with them. With undisguised delight on their faces, together the girls eagerly pulled off the rest of Lydia’s clothes, leaving her completely naked in the middle of the bed. None of them had ever seen another naked figure before. Breathing hard, they all stared at Lydia’s uncovered and exposed full and voluptuous figure. As Lydia breathlessly cried out for more, Elinor wasted no time in following her instructions and willingly put her hand uncertainly between Lydia’s legs, slowly massaging her most intimate parts with care. Lydia was breathing rapidly and moaning plaintively. All the girls were gleefully leaning over Lydia, fascinated by her changing expressions, which provided them all with greater elation. As Elinor continued slowly massaging Lydia, her fingers gently sought out the most sensitive areas which were eliciting the greatest cries of pleasure. It was absolutely gripping to see the change in Lydia as she began begging Elinor not to stop. She started to raise herself up and pull Elinor down onto the bed towards her, but the girls were having none of that. They wanted to see the whole of the womanly Lydia, in all her unclothed glory, so they unmercifully pinned her down to the bed again, watching her naked body writhe in ecstasy, fascinated by the effects of Elinor’s playful manipulation.

Almost in unison, Charlotte and Emily bent down to Lydia’s breasts and began kissing them, brushing their tongues against her nipples and sending her into an even greater frenzy. All the girls were breathing heavily, but Lydia was panting and crying out to be possessed. She continued begging Elinor not stop. Over and over again she cried out to Elinor to continue this divine pleasure. This was shy little Lydia as no one had ever seen her before. No longer would she be able to make them think that she was a cut above the rest of them. Watching her lying there, lustfully pleading for more pleasure, gave all the girls an overwhelmingly guilty thrill. Never before had any of them felt such power. Elinor began to tease Lydia by slowing down the manipulations, engendering greater abandonment. All the girls were spellbound. Lydia started to lift her hips, thrusting them forwards and backwards, and her cries became louder and more insistent. Elinor was actually enjoying the delight and power of controlling Lydia with just the gentle manipulation of her hand, whilst Charlotte and Emily were eagerly savouring the whole unbridled spectacle.

They didn’t want it to end. They were all strangely enjoying having Lydia at their mercy. They had never experienced such animal feelings before. To pleading, yet demanding, shrieks of “please don’t stop, please, oh please don’t stop”, the girls became more and more excited. Lydia began begging desperately for Elinor to stop teasing her. “Please stop teasing, oh please stop teasing me, please keep touching me, oh please don’t take away your hand, please keep touching my nipples, please don’t stop, please, please, oh please, oh please, oh please”. Lydia was breathing hard and her pleading was becoming frantic. She was struggling to free herself, but the girls were jubilant and highly aroused at having her at their mercy and would not let her go. Suddenly, Lydia’s face contorted with pleasure and her whole body arched. A small scream seemed to come from deep within her and her entire body seemed to shudder involuntarily.

Again, the bedroom fell deeply silent. No one really understood what had just happened. Lydia started to cry. Humiliated by her friends, she didn’t fully understand this mixture of passion and guilt. Her friends felt somehow deeply ashamed and guilty, yet highly exhilarated at what they had just witnessed. Charlotte, Emily and Elinor were all in awe of the obvious ecstasy that had overtaken Lydia, but shamefully realised that perhaps they shouldn’t have introduced such illicit pleasure to Lydia against her will. They couldn’t deny, however, even to themselves, that their own bodies were tingling with excitement and longing, confused by the level of arousal that had just overtaken them

Feeling subdued, and a little bewildered, they all decided to retire early. None of them felt like talking. Their emotions were all over the place. They realised that they had not had the type of day that their mothers had expected of them, but they revelled in the introduction to womanhood. They all put on their night clothes and climbed into their beds. In the darkness, they all contemplated the day’s events before turning their thoughts to the ball the following night. Emily and Charlotte were both thinking about possible suitors and were feeling really excited about the thought of being introduced to possible husbands. Elinor, too, was thinking about the ball and dancing the night away with the man of her dreams, but Lydia was having different thoughts.

All Lydia could think about were three young girls with exposed breasts, milky white skin and long flowing hair. She could still feel their lips and hands all over her body; their warm breath against her skin; their tongues flicking her nipples; and how well she remembered how good it felt as they all eagerly caressed her breasts and fondled between her legs. She wasn’t bothered about being introduced to any gentlemen. In fact, she realised with astonishment that she’d never really been interested in gentlemen. She remembered how good it felt when she was massaging the firm breasts of Emily and Charlotte; their smooth soft skin, their jutting nipples and the beautiful womanly smell that invaded her nostrils. She was also remembering the ecstasy of being feverishly overpowered by all three of them and the glorious culmination after the massage of her womanly parts. As she struggled to find sleep, she guiltily admitted to herself that she wanted to have those feelings again, but never with a man! Oh yes, how she desperately wanted those indescribable feelings again!


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